Petition #TakeMyHand – not my life

Petition to the United Nations General Assembly,
to the attention of UN Secretary-General António Guterres:


The UN Human Rights Committee (HRCttee) wants to enforce abortion legalization until birth,
ignoring all human rights of unborn children.


As citizens of nations all over the world we respectfully call on the General Assembly
to exercise its authority on all UN bodies and to adopt a resolution,

  • confirming that the inherent human dignity and equal human rights
    must be recognized for each member of the human family
    since the beginning of his physical existence at procreation
  • prohibiting all UN bodies
    to require, support or recommend any abortion,
    as abortion violates human rights of children before their birth [4,5],
  • establishing a UN Special Rapporteur or Independent Expert
    on violence and discrimination before birth,

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Article 1 UDHR says: ‘All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights’.

As we are also born with legs and arms, this article means that our dignity and rights were already there long before birth.
Since slavery and serfdom are prohibited, no one may treat unborn children as private property of their mothers. Some states even prohibit the slaughter of vertebrates without anesthetic. Not so with unborn children. Although they have been sensitive to touch and pain since at least their 20th week of life, they are less protected from pain than rats. Abortion is inhuman and cruel!

The UN Human Rights Committee actually has been mandated to oversee compliance with the Civil Covenant (ICCPR), and to explain human rights by ‚General Comments‘. While a ‚General Comment‘ is not legally binding, it is used as a reference text and means of exerting pressure on States. Currently, its 18 independent members are planning a new General Comment on the Right to Life (GC No 36 [1]). But herein they claim in paragraph 9:

States parties must provide safe access to abortion (..) in situations in which carrying a pregnancy to term would cause the woman substantial pain or suffering (..)‘
[optional and veiling sections suppressed]

Neither the existence of the unborn child nor its human rights are mentioned in a word. Instead, the HRCttee invents here a novel duty of states to provide legal abortions without any limitations, as nobody can guarantee that a birth will take place without substantial pain. Contrary to the wording of human rights [5,11,12,14,15], despite the conviction of virtually all UN states, that consider it necessary to restrict abortion [2], and despite extensive rejoinders [3], the HRCttee refuses stubbornly to withdraw this claim.

This is unacceptable. We require a basic change.
So far, the UN bodies have often striven for the complete legalization of abortions. Since then, however, a majority in the UN General Assembly regularly blocked such claims in all its resolutions.

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